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City Hall is closed at 12:00 p.m. on Fridays.

Call 425-583-1781 for Water/Public Works emergency

The City of Granite Falls will start processing passport applications at city hall on June 6, 2022. Please click on the Special Spring 2022 Newsletter for passport office hours, fees and required documentation.

Business License Information and How to Apply for a City Business License:


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Jim Holm Park
210 S. Granite Avenue
Park playground equipment, basketball courts, skate park, picnic tables, large grassy area and benches.

Frank Mason Park
Ray Gray Road
Park located on Lake Gardner with dock, fishing, swimming, picnic tables and public restroom.

Eagle Park
701 E. Galena Street
Dog park with plenty of grassy area and shade.

Jack Webb Park
115 S. Granite Avenue
Benches only and public restroom.

Perrigoue Field
Jordan Road


The closest municipal airports are Paine Field, 20 minutes away, and SeaTac International Airport, which is 75 mi. away.  The closest shipping facility is the Port of Everett, 17 mi. west of Granite Falls.  Granite Falls is also serviced by Community Transit, running daily to Lake Stevens and Everett with connections to Seattle and Stanwood. There is one Park & Ride facility.

Utility and Communications
Granite Falls

Water service and sanitary sewer are provided by the City of Granite Falls.  Electricity service is provided by Snohomish County P.U.D.  Natural gas is supplied by Puget Sound Energy, and telephone service is provided by Verizon.  Cable TV is available through Comcast, and garbage service is provided by Waste Management Northwest.  Granite Falls is covered in the following newspapers:  The Everett Herald, The Snohomish County Tribune and The Seattle Times

Community Facilities

Granite Falls has no hospitals, but there are two well equipped hospitals 17 miles west in Everett, and one in Arlington, which is 11 miles north.  There are two medical clinics and two dental clinics in town and two pharmacies.  There are two senior citizen apartment facilities along with a Senior Center.  Nine miles east of Granite Falls, on the Mountain Loop Highway, is a general store and restaurant.  Cultural facilities include a well maintained museum containing artifacts of the early gold mining days of Granite Falls, as well as items of historical interest from the nearby ghost town of Monte Cristo and mining town of Silverton.  There is also a public library.  Granite Falls has three parks, and access to the Pilchuck River and the South fork of the Stillaguamish River, as well as boat launch access to nearby Lake Bosworth and Lake Roesiger.  Athletic facilities include 8 tennis courts, 6 athletic playing fields, and 8 basketball courts.  There is an 18 hole golf course 8 miles west of Granite Falls.

Granite Falls Fish Ladder
On scenic Mountain Loop Highway, one mile outside of Granite Falls.  A huge year-round fish ladder with walk-over grating is adjacent to the Granite Falls which are the city’s namesake.

Big Four Mountain and Ice Cave
Approximately 25 miles outside of Granite Falls on the beautiful Mountain Loop Highway.  Sharp peaks reminiscent of the Grand Tetons and huge caverns formed by the melting glacier.  One mile easy hike to the caves.

Granite Falls

Monte Cristo Ghost Town
At the top of Barlow Pass on the Mountain Loop Highway, four miles off of the main highway, sits the original townsite of the old gold mining town Monte Cristo.  Granite Falls experienced its main growth because of the Monte Cristo mines and the railroad that was built through Granite Falls to reach the mines.  There are still numerous mine entrances evident throughout the Monte Cristo and Silverton areas.

Along the Mountain Loop Highway, there are numerous campgrounds, hiking trails both short and easy or long and steep.  There are scores of lakes to hike to where the fishing is excellent.  In the wintertime there is cross country skiing and sledding available.  There are also lakes on the south side of town for water activities such as skiing and tubing, fishing and boating.