(updated April 1st, 2018)


Base Rate (includes 500 cubic feet of water usage per month) – $34.00 per month

Excess Water Consumption – $3.26 per 100 cubic feet*

*Meters are read every other month.  Water consumption in excess of 1000 cubic feet in a two month period will be billed to the customer in addition to the base fee

Example:  You use 1200 Cubic Feet of water in January & February combined.  You will be billed $34.00 in January (base fee only) and then your bill for February will be $34.00 + $6.52 for 200 cubic feet of extra consumption over the 1000 cubic feet allowed in the base fee for the two months combined.

If you use less than 1000 cubic feet in the two month period, then your water bill will be the same for both months….$34.00 per month.


Flat Rate – $74.00 per month


Single Family Residential
Flat Rate – $120.00 annually* ($10.00 monthly)
This charge is billed on behalf of the City through Snohomish County on the owner’s annual property tax statement.

For a comparison of how residential utility rates in Granite Falls compare with the rates in other Snohomish County Cities, click on the link below

2018 Sno Co Cities Utility Rate Comparison