About your water system:
The City of Granite Falls drinking water is supplied from Snohomish County PUD. The water enters the Granite Falls water system through five points around the City. The water is first metered, then passed through pressure reducing valves to lower the pressure from 160PSI to between 60 and 90PSI. The water is then conveyed through a total of over 13 miles of various sized water lines that supply service to over 1,500 connections.

Achieving quality:
The City strives to provide safe drinking water to all of its customers. Your water is tested daily to ensure Chlorine is present and within the State allowable level. Coliform samples are analyzed every month to ensure safety. Bi-annual system flushing is performed to remove sediment from the lines, exercise and ensure fire hydrants are functioning properly, and to remove the potential for stagnate water. Flushing of the water system is performed by opening specifically mapped fire hydrants to optimize cleaning and reduce waste. Ultimately all 189 fire hydrants connected to the water system are operated.

You have a right to know:
Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, you have a right to know what is in your drinking water and how it compares to established water quality standards. The Drinking Water Quality Report summarizes the quality of the water supplied to your home. This report is made available online and posted at City Hall for your convenience.

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